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News article7 December 20211 min read

2nd Multistakeholders' Forum: Gender Smart Mobility - Research underpinning Policy

The 2nd TInnGO Multistakeholders’ Forum took place on Thursday 16 September 2021, being the digital forum where new perspectives to approach gender smart mobility in the transport sector are discussed with different stakeholders; capitalising on the discussions and insights gained during the 1st TInngo Multistakeholders’ Forum last year. Almost a hundred attendees attended the Forum, where research results from the project were presented in public discourse. Watch the video recording of the Event.

Key concepts in TInnGO project, such a smart mobility, gender and diversity mainstreaming are also the cornerstones of the public discourse. A view of gender and diversity in smart transport that connects the TInnGO roadmap, on how this can progress current debates and create a paradigm shift towards greater inclusivity in the transport sector. The measure of success is when current and future transport provision if fully accessible and inclusive.

Scientific evidence was presented and discussed on how inequalities are created and furthermore, the Forum addressed paradigm shifts in education, employment, technological innovations and entrepreneurship as arenas for change and inclusion. It presented which strategies /policies and interventions have been most successful in increasing diversity, moving a step forward from Gender Action Plans to Gender and Diversity Action Plans, and whether this is having identifiable effects in the wider transport system.

During TInnGO Multistakeholders’ Forum, the focus of the stakeholders was on how policy making should deploy results from Gender & Diversity Equality research, considering the TInnGO Observatory, the 10 national hubs in 13 European countries, the TInnGO Open Data Repository (T-ODR) and the TInnGO Open Innovation Platform

For more information on the TinnGO project, visit here.


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7 December 2021
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