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News article3 February 2015

1st European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans

From 12-13 June 2014, the small Polish city of Sopot played host to the first ever European conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans. The EU-backed conference was attended by 144 delegates from across Europe. Under the topic 'Planning for a liveable city' delegates discussed a new approach to planning that enables people and businesses to be mobile in a more sustainable manner.

Urban mobility planners and implementers learned about the concept of a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan and attended workshops on hot topics in the field of urban mobility planning. Topics discussed included European funding opportunities; creating liveable cities through sustainable mobility; the integration of transport, land-use and health planning; and more.

With the full diversity of European regions represented, each with its own mobility issues, political culture and attitudes towards sustainability, the discussion on implementing a Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) was informative, engaging and wide-reaching.

The conference enabled participants to exchange ideas and experiences with fellow planners and experts, explore what European projects can offer at the local level, and learn more about the European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, as announced by DG MOVE in the Urban Mobility Package in December 2013.

This conference event was organised by the ENDURANCE project and hosted by the University of Gdansk. The Platform intends to organise the conference on an annual basis to promote the concept of a SUMP across the EU. The conferences will highlight the latest developments in urban mobility planning, foster the exchange of ideas and experiences and offer a networking opportunity for those involved in the development and implementation of such plans.


  • 1st European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans - 'Planning for a liveable city'

Plenary session               

  • The role of Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in EU transport policy, Vincent Leiner
  • Urban mobility within sustainable urban development, Barbara Crome 
  • The European Platform on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, Christof Marx
  • Participants' views of a liveable city, Marzena Woźniak-Trojanowska

Parallel sessions             

  • Introduction: SUMP - a concept to create liveable cities, Susanne Böhler-Baedeker
  • Session 1: Citizens' Participation - a challenge for urban mobility planning, Ivo Cré
  • Session 2: Auditing procedures, Jörg Kastelic 
  • Session 3: Evaluation SUMP impacts: Evidence of the benefits of investing in SUMP, James McGeever 

Plenary session

  • Urban mobility planning and the development of property values - views from around the World, Mircea Enache

Market place of ideas and offers

  • Urban mobility, planning and real estate development, Mircea Enache 
  • Policy transfers by ENDURANCE,  Pamela Mühlmann and Nicolas Merle
  • SUMP RC Quality Certificate,  Siegfried Rupprecht 
  • Participation in Polycentric SUMP projects, Silvia Gaggi 

Parallel sessions             

  • Introduction: From a public transport master plan to a SUMP - the case of Poland's cities, Wojciech Suchorzewski
  • Session 4: Integration of transport land-use and health planning, Oliver Lah
  • Session 5: Intermodality in urban mobility planning, Kerstin Burggraf 
  • Session 6: Urban mobility planning in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Thessaloniki, Ioannis Politis

What do European projects offer to cities?        

  • European funding opportunities, Siegfried Rupprecht
  • Gdynia, Aleksandra Romanowska and Alicja Pawlowska 
  • Brno,  Iva Machalová
  • Parkstad Limburg, Ricardo Poppeliers
  • Kraków, Tomasz Zwoliński
  • Budapest, Tünde Hajnal 
  • Milan, Stefano Riazzola 

Parallel sessions             

  • Introduction: SUMP Competence Centre for the Baltic Sea Region, Marcin Wołek

  • Session 7: The role of national actions to promote and support the uptake of SUMPs, Pamela Mühlmann

  • Session 8: The Flemish SUMP Policy framework, Patrick Auwerx

  • Session 9: Urban mobility planning in cities and towns with less than 10 0000 inhabitants, Luca Mercatelli



Publication date
3 February 2015
Urban mobility planning