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EU Urban Mobility Observatory

Expert corner: SUMP reference materials

SUMP reference materials

The SUMP reference materials provide comprehensive planning recommendations on established topics and are grouped under different thematic areas. Download PDF versions of these documents using the links below.

Note: The reference materials were prepared by experts from the SUMP community. All documents are currently under review as part of a streamlining exercise.

Geographical scope

The materials related to geographical context set the foundation for urban mobility planning and informed decision-making.

Policy objectives

Urban mobility policy objectives guide city planning efforts and include resilience, decarbonisation, safety, social impact, inclusiveness, health and energy integration.

Mobility modes

This thematic cluster covers various mobility modes: walking, cycling, public transport, shared mobility, parking, logistics, urban air mobility and micromobility.

Mobility enablers

Urban mobility enablers include factors, strategies, technologies and approaches that support sustainable, efficient and liveable cities.