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This case study presents the proposed strategic scheme for Reggio-Emilia, developed by TRT Trasporti e Territorio at the mandate of the city authority, targeting logistics operators, retailers, and households with tailored infrastructure, services, and governance coordination.

Case study image: Sofia

Sofia is trying to progressively develop sustainable mobility solutions and behaviour. Faced with high congestion and significant air pollution, the city has adopted an integrated approach to improve accessibility, reduce congestion and improve air quality and living conditions.

SUMP for the Naples Metropolitan Area

This case study discusses the SUMP of the city of Naples functional urban area, which is a highly urbanised and densely populated territory, a vulnerable area due to the seismic and volcanic risk, and a TEN-T Node.

Bielefeld case study image

Bielefeld started its project “altstadt.raum” (‘old town space’) in January 2021, with the main objective being to strengthen the functions of the Old Town as an attractive and liveable space for socialising, leisure activities, culture, trade and gastronomy.

Case study image: Utrecht

The Dutch city of Utrecht has been successful in promoting the use of sustainable means of transport over recent years, and this case study looks at the city’s mobility policy and plans in its latest SUMP.