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EU Urban Mobility Observatory

Turda - Winner of the 6th SUMP Award

  • Public and stakeholder involvement
  • Urban mobility planning
  • Romania
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First published on 18 July 2018. 

The first SUMP of the city of Turda is well structured with clear planning vision and features concrete measures to be implemented in the short term. It includes objectives, instruments (including financing plans) and measurable targets.

The SUMP is a source of inspiration for small/medium size cities with little or no background in sustainable urban planning and was awarded the 6th SUMP Award on the topic of Shared Mobility in March 2018.  The planning approach of Turda was considered by the jury of the award to be exemplary. The jury also valued the outstanding planning vision of the SUMP in the context of a medium sized city with no background in sustainable urban mobility plan.

Additionally, the jury of the EU SUMP award appreciated that Turda set concrete measures with high impact and measurable targets giving a coherence to the overall planning approach. Its planning vision can be transferred to other similar sized cities.  Watch the short video clip, below to find out more about Turda's winning SUMP initiative.