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ROADPOL Safety Days 2020

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First published on 7 September 2020. 

ROADPOL Safety Days (formerly known as Project EDWARD) aims reduce the number of road fatalities in Europe to zero for at least one day of the year. The campaign encourages road users to rethink their behaviour to make European roads safer and asks all EU residents who drive to sign and share a pledge.

Traffic police forces across Europe join the campaign annually and encourage involvement by engaging directly with drivers locally and promoting the road safety message. ROADPOL receives support from the European Commission and provides a range of online resources, working with schools and road safety organisations in addition to traffic police forces. Each year, the campaign’s main event is hosted in one of the campaign’s member countries and in 2020, the event is being hosted in Mainz, Germany on 16 September 2020 and broadcast digitally.

For more information on ROADPOL Safety Days and to sign the pledge, please visit the ROADPOL Safety Days website.