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Paris: The micromobility revolution

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First published 5 January 2022

Micromobility has emerged as a viable solution to some of the problems faced by cities, including congestion, poor air quality, loss of public/green spaces, and a reduction in social mobility and accessibility.

Micromobility is a relatively ambiguous term that has no commonly agreed definition. Within the EU vehicle categorization micromobility vehicles fall under the L category. This classifies it as a motor vehicle with less than four wheels:

  • curb weight up to and including 350kg (771 lb);
  • top speed up to and including 50km/h (31 mph);
  • continuous rated power does not exceed 15 kW.

Over the last few years, micromobility has seen significant growth and are now a common sight on many city streets.

The video case study introduces the concept of micromobility and discusses some best practice examples from Paris. It includes an interview with the General Delegate of the Federation of Micro Mobility Professionals (FPMM), Jocelyn Loumeto.