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CIVITAS Resilience Award Finalist - Rome, Italy

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First published on 29 September 2020. 

The “CIVITAS Resilience” award aimed to recognise cities that have introduced (ad-hoc) bold and transformational measures due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, combined with a clear vision regarding the resilience and long-term sustainability of the adopted approach.

Rome was shortlisted as a finalist for the CIVITAS Resilience Award in 2020 due to their rapid response to urban mobility issues in light of the 2020 pandemic; 

  • Promotion of cycling and pedestrian mobility, limiting the use of cars and lighten the use of public transport, for better compliance with anti-COVID regulations (e.g. social distancing).
  • Plans for 150 km of transitory cycle routes on the city’s main streets and along other key routes to support social distancing as well as general health and well-being – approved in May 2020 and already 20 km of this new cycling infrastructure has been put in place.
  • Various measures introduced to address the COVID-19 crisis align with the long terms vision of the city to make it a smarter and more livable place, also post-pandemic.