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News article25 September 20231 min read

Warsaw gives out free health checks for bicycles as part of European Mobility Week

As part of European Mobility Week, which was held from 16 to 22 September 2023, cities across the continent tailored their initiatives to local needs, all with the aim of promoting sustainable and healthy mobility. In Warsaw, residents were offered the chance to have a free assessment of the condition of their bicycles through a Free Bicycle Service, which was available on all 7 days across 7 different districts. The availability and location of the bicycle health check experts was publicised in advance on the municipal website.

According to Michał Olszewski, the vice-mayor of the Polish capital, the Mobile Bicycle Service organised as part of the European Mobility Week was not only a gesture of appreciation to cyclists, but also an incentive for those who have not yet embraced cycling as a means of commuting to work or school.

While Warsaw may not be renowned for its bicycle-friendly reputation, initiatives like this showcase a commitment to change and progress. This year's Mobility Week theme, "Save Energy," naturally aligned with cycling as an energy-efficient mode of transport. Consequently, city authorities aim to motivate more people to dust off their bicycles and rediscover this sustainable way of getting around.

As part of the initiative, bicycle technicians conducted quick fitness tests on bikes to identify and rectify basic issues, such as faulty brakes or gears. Moreover, they ensured that bicycles have all the necessary equipment. In addition to on-the-spot services, people had the option to leave their bikes for a more comprehensive inspection and were able to pick them up later if they were not able to wait.

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25 September 2023
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