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News article9 September 20221 min read

Voi’s latest survey reports that micro-mobility is reducing car usage across Europe

This year’s survey conducted by Voi Technology indicates that, out of 10,000 respondents, 36% of e-scooter riders have greatly or completely reduced their use of private transportation due to micro-mobility. This figure is across all age groups with almost half of respondents aged 45 or over reporting a significant reduction in their use of cars. This survey is conducted annually and this year’s had an added focus on the impact of micro-mobility on user’s car use.

The survey showed that micro-mobility works in tandem with public transport, with 55% of riders (up from 47% in 2021), reporting that they combine the use of micro-mobility technologies such as e-scooters with public transport to reach their destination. This highlights micro-mobility as an important connection between residents and public transport networks that can increase their accessibility and availability. A quarter of riders stated that they only use e-scooters for their trips.

The reasons that riders are using e-scooters is changing over time. In 2021, more than 40% of users stated that they were using micro-mobility mostly for fun and that they were not using the e-scooters for specific journeys. This year’s survey showed that this has dropped to 30% of users. Users are now reporting higher figures for using the e-scooters to get to social events (59%) or commuting (48%).

These figures from the survey demonstrate that micro-mobility services are being incorporated into people’s daily lives and necessary journeys, whilst promoting and synergising with public transport networks.

Fredrik Hjelm, Co-founder and CEO of Voi, stated: “Since Voi was founded, we’ve been on a mission to help transform how people move around their cities to reduce car dependency and reclaim public spaces for living. We’re starting to see a significant impact with more people using e-scooters alongside public transport and people of all ages find a flexible alternative to car trips, or even ditching the car completely. Micro-mobility services such as Voi are contributing to a reduction in air pollution and harmful emissions, making our cities happier places to live.” 


This article was originally posted on the Intelligent Transport website.



Publication date
9 September 2022
  • Collective passenger transport
  • Europe-wide