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EU Urban Mobility Observatory
News article18 August 20221 min read

The UVARBox tool is now available

The plan of the EU-funded UVAR Box project was to push for a much more effective use of UVARs and adequately inform road users about such schemes, when moving across the EU.

As part of this the UVARBox tool is now available. The tool makes it easier for cities, regions and ministries to digitise UVARs to enable them to be put into navigation tools, and is now available for cities, together with a video and manual to support its use.

It is a really important tool:

  1. More and more navigation service providers are asking cities for data - this tool enables cities to give the data once in a single format, rather than several times in different formats;
  2. If your UVAR is in the navigation tools that drivers use, there will be higher compliance rates and fewer complaints;
  3. The UVARBox tool makes this process easy, with support for cities and regions from Country Coaches;
  4. Digitising your UVAR is a win-win-win for your city and those wanting to drive into it.

Take the opportunity today and access the tool here.

Download the manual here and access the step-by-step guide video here.



Publication date
18 August 2022
  • Urban Vehicle Access Regulations
  • Europe-wide