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News article29 May 20241 min read

Utrecht province makes cycling safer: €25 discount on bicycle helmets due to increased injuries

Despite its widespread popularity, cycling can poses significant dangers, with the number of serious injuries among cyclists nearly doubling in the past decade in Utrecht. In response, the province has launched a campaign offering substantial discounts on bicycle helmets. This initiative aims to counter the common perception that accidents only happen to others, emphasising the importance of personal safety awareness.

Residents of Utrecht that are hesitant about purchasing helmets will receive a financial incentive from participating bicycle shops, offering a €25 discount on approved helmets, of which there are 1,000 available. Through this campaign, the province hopes to encourage cyclists to prioritise their safety, given that over 50,000 cyclists suffer serious injuries annually, with a significant portion experiencing brain damage.

Research demonstrates the effectiveness of helmets in reducing the risk of head injuries, particularly among vulnerable groups such as young children and e-bike users. Professor Frank Bankx, advocating for safer cycling practices, emphasises the need for individuals to recognise their own vulnerability to accidents, regardless of their assumptions. He highlights the prevalence of one-vehicle accidents, particularly among elderly e-bike riders who may struggle with balance during mounting and dismounting.

While helmet use is not mandatory in the Netherlands, organisations including Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VNN) are advocating for its voluntary adoption to normalise safety measures. There is still a cultural significance of cycling without helmets in the Netherlands, however there is an aim to shift this perception by promoting their use. Affordability in ensuring widespread helmet usage is important, underscoring the role of discounts in reducing the risk of serious injuries on the roads.



Publication date
29 May 2024
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