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News article5 January 20221 min read

UITP publishes Better Urban Mobility Playbook

On 15 December 2021, UITP – the International Association of Public Transport – published the 'Better Urban Mobility Playbook'. The playbook serves as an update to the better mobility report which UITP published 20 years ago. The publication is a tool for governments and local decision makers to build better urban mobility as well as achieve inclusive, resilient and sustainable cities.

Today, cities account for over 70% of carbon emissions from the transport and energy sector alone. Each year, over 50 million people are injured worldwide on roads at a 3% cost of GDP and there are over 1.3 million fatalities. Approximately 90% of urban inhabitants breathe air containing pollutants exceeding the World Health Organisation’s recommendations. There is therefore a lot work still to be done.

The situation has changed significantly since UITP published the first report 20 years ago. Cities are growing at an unprecedented rate, the socio-economic divide is wider than ever and the repercussions of climate change are undeniable.

However, there are a wide range of solutions which once seemed to belong in the distant future. Digitalisation, automation and clean sources of energy are redefining the public transport sector. There is an emphasis towards healthy living, prioritising active mobility, improving public spaces to meet resident's needs, and restricting private transport, particularly where harmful pollutants need to be reduced.

While cities are at the forefront of environmental degradation, they are equally at the forefront of innovation and must play a central role in transforming society and reaching climate targets. In order to achieve this, national and city governments need all the support they can get when it comes to building cohesive, strong governance and policies related to sustainable, inclusive cities.

For this reason, UITP have developed a playbook which identifies challenges, specific solutions with concrete actions, as well as successful practices. The playbook aims to help decision makers enter 2022 with a fresh start and clear goals to advance public transport together and ensure that mobility remains a vital part of life.

To access the full playbook, please click here.



Publication date
5 January 2022
  • Policy and research
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