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News article30 August 20222 min read

Support offered to disadvantaged Italians to purchase public transport tickets

The Italian Government has introduced a voucher to support the mobility of those on lower incomes. Those in receipt of a voucher can put this towards the purchase of an annual or monthly public transport ticket. The purpose of the newly adopted measure is to support economically disadvantaged people and favour the use of public transport, particularly as prices are increasing.

With Law Decree n. 50 of 17 May 2022 - the so-called Aid Decree - implemented with amendments into Law n. 91 of 15 July 2022, the "Transport Bonus" was adopted by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies, in agreement with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility (MIMS) and the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF). As the Minister of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility, Enrico Giovannini, explained, the measure aims to support people in need and to favour their use of public transport. Consequently, it is expected to contribute to the improvement of social and environmental sustainability in the whole country. The Ministries have put aside €79 million to finance this measure.

Starting from September, Italians will be able to benefit from a voucher up to a maximum of €60 to purchase either an annual or a monthly pass for local, regional, and interregional public transport services or for national rail transport services. The use of first class, executive, business, club executive, lounge, premium, working area and business lounge services are not included in the measure.

Andrea Orlando, the Minister of Labour and Social Policies, underlined that the initiative represents a tangible incentive for students, lower wage workers and retired people, who move by public transport. The Minister also added that the measure could continue into 2023.

Those interested can access the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies website ( in order to request the transport bonus, through the digital identity system or the electronic ID card, indicating the transport operator providing the service that they wish to use and the exact amount of the requested voucher. The person requesting the bonus needs to have had an annual income in 2021 equal to or below €35.000,00 and has to use the voucher within the month of issue, presenting it at the ticket office of the selected public transport operators, which will then verify its validity.

For more information on the “Transport Bonus” see the Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility (MIMS) website.



Publication date
30 August 2022
  • Collective passenger transport
  • Italy