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News article6 December 20191 min read

Study carried out by Omio ranks inner-city mobility in main European cities

study carried out by Omio, a travel platform and app that allows users to book long-distance travel by train, bus or plane throughout the continent, has analysed the transport options chosen by users in Europe. The analysis was carried out at the main European destinations. Influencing factors include the distribution and prices of public transport tickets, such as tramways, buses, trains and the availability and prices of shared transport means, such as taxis, bicycles, e-scooters, and motorcycles.

In the table, composed by a total of 30 cities of the Swiss city of Zurich tops the list thanks to its extensive network of public transport options offering trams, trains and buses that connect the entire city. Berlin dominates the field of shared means of transport; the German capital is home to the largest number of affordable and diverse transport options. Visitors can choose between bicycles, e-scooters and motorcycles to get around the metropolis. For those on a tight budget, Warsaw and Prague are ideal, as their single tickets cost around €1 or less. Of the UK's three cities, Manchester ranked 16th due to its large number of tram, train and bus lines per capita.

"As cities continue to grow and evolve, we see the introduction of new and innovative forms of urban mobility as positive. These help people to move around cities more easily" says Bertrand Etienne, Commercial Director of Omio. "In the largest and most populous cities, there is still a lot to do, but at least there are options in many of these destinations”.

The study leaves other interesting information regarding cities across Europe, such as:

  • In London, a monthly public transport ticket is almost 8 times more expensive than in the city with the cheapest monthly tickets, Bratislava has the best value for money, while in Zurich a ticket for the same distance costs 4 times more.
  • Cyclists can find shared bicycles for rent in all cities except Rome, Porto, Edinburgh and Bratislava. Berlin has the widest range of available options.
  • There are no electric scooters in a third of the cities. But in Porto alone you can already find 8 different scooter services.
  • Portugal is the ideal destination for taxi lovers, as Lisbon and Porto have the best fares. Passengers in London, Geneva and Zurich pay 8 times more.



Publication date
6 December 2019
  • Walking and cycling
  • Spain