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News article1 May 20231 min read

Solid-state electrolytes: trends, challenges, and solutions of electric vehicles

Solid-state batteries (SSBs) are hailed as the ultimate solution to energy storage for electric vehicles. Experts believe that using solid #electrolytes instead of liquid ones can revolutionise battery KPIs such as energy density, safety, fast-charging capabilities, and cost.

Although these benefits have yet to be fully proven, considerable investment has been made to make this technology a reality. The promise of SSBs has also given hope to European and US companies trying to challenge Asian manufacturers who currently dominate the electrolyte market. This is especially significant given the current trend of domesticating battery supply chains.

COBRA's new Market Intelligence Report explores various solid-state electrolyte concepts and compares their electrochemical performance and market potential. It also discusses the challenges in switching from liquid to solid electrolyte production, highlights key R&D obstacles, and presents promising innovations that could help bring SSBs to the market. Which applications are best suited to SSBs, and when will they become price-competitive? Which companies are closest to commercialisation?

These are among the questions addressed in this report with the assistance of COBRA's partner Solvionic. Read the report here.



Publication date
1 May 2023
  • Clean and energy-efficient vehicles