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News article19 August 20221 min read

ROADPOL Safety Days

ROADPOL Safety Days were launched in the summer of 2020 and aim to reduce the number of fatal road accidents to zero. They are the successor of the successful TISPOL campaign "Project Edward". 

TISPOL (the European Traffic Police network) launched Project Edward (European Day without a Road Death) in 2018 - a low cost campaign run in a partnership between police forces and road safety stakeholders across Europe. This high-profile, evidence-based initiative involved targeted enforcement, media and PR for one day each year. In 2018, 31 countries participated and a continental road trip that covered 3000km across 10 European countries helped to highlight the campaign. Furthermore, social media reached in excess of 38 million people.

ROADPOL Safety Days take place during the European Commission's EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK from 16-22 September 2022.

What is ROADPOL about?

Every day, an average of 70 people die on European roads. Based on Vision Zero, the European Commission wants to reduce this number to zero on at least one day a year. Hence, the Commission is calling on all road users to rethink their road behaviour.

The Commission has published a campaign video, which it would like all road users to watch to learn how to reduce the dangers of traffic on the roads and thereby increase personal safety when travelling by car, motorbike, bicycle, e-scooter, or even as a pedestrian.

Road users are also encouraged to register their own road-safety event. To do this, you will need to create a user profile, using this link, and then register your event, here. You can also pledge to make roads safer by clicking here.

There is more information on the ROADPOL website



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19 August 2022
  • Safety and urban mobility
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