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News article21 October 2020

Parking management video clips: examples of tried and tested solutions

The H2020 project Park4SUMP aims to help cities integrate innovative parking management solutions into Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans (SUMPs) for better mobility and quality of life.

As part of this project, a number of video clips have been produced to give insights into the good practice solutions that different cities have implemented. This clip details the parking management approach that is used in the city of Ghent, Belgium. The use of parking funds, one of the Park4SUMP project's spearheads, is explained. This video clip provides an insight into the impacts of the Norwegian e-mobility policy which provides incentives to encourage the use of electric vehicles.

Trondheim in Norway has altered the role of parking enforcers, who now act as city hosts or city ambassadors and in this role they provide advice and guidance on parking issues and tourist information. In the Netherlands, Rotterdam uses scan cars to identify parking restriction breaches - ensuring a more efficient process for parking enforcement. 

Three video clips have previously been published that will take the viewer through different strategies for parking management.

  • The Bulgarian city of Sofia combines planning and parking operations with public transport considerations.
  • Vitoria Gasteiz in Spain discourages car use in favour of more sustainable modes of transport and provide a limited number of parking spaces in the city centre for residents, only - with very positive results for businesses and commerce.  
  • Graz in Austria uses a different approach which encourages property developers to take access to mobility options, car sharing and cycling incentives (and more) into account when building residential properties. This approach also assists in the provision of more affordable housing in the city as it reduces costs for the developer. 

Eltis has previously published the following Park4SUMP videos, which demonstrate even more interesting and innovative measures;


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21 October 2020
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