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News article6 June 20231 min read

New SUMP Topic Guide on Mobility Management now available

How can we ensure that an increasing urban population does not translate into more traffic, congestion and pollution in European cities? Mobility management offers solutions to this issue. With its ‘soft approach’, mobility management is highly adaptable in promoting sustainable transport in different local circumstances.

With SUMPs and mobility management both seeking to achieve the same overall goal - namely the increased use of sustainable modes of transport - measures associated with mobility management form an essential part of any SUMP.

To support urban planners and transport practitioners in this process, a Topic Guide on Integrating Mobility Management for Public and Private Organisations into SUMPs has been developed by the third Policy Support Group of the CIVITAS ELEVATE Coordination and Support Action, which consists of experts from five organisations (European Platform on Mobility Management, Klimaaktiv mobil, Tisséo Collectivités, Alba Iulia Municipality, Gdansk Municipality), the CIVITAS Policy Advisory Committee, TRT (Trasporti e Territorio), and a group of stakeholders from the mobility management sector. 

The SUMP Topic Guide proposes a selection of key recommendations and includes a variety of good practice examples from all over Europe, highlighting the benefits of better integrating mobility management for public and private organisations into SUMPs for the 5 following areas: urban development, public authorities, companies, the education sector, as well as the tourism and leisure sectors.

The Topic Guide is part of a compendium of EU guidance documents, complementing the revised second edition of the SUMP Guidelines.

Read the publication here. This and other SUMP Topic Guides can be accessed via the Eltis website here.



Publication date
6 June 2023
  • Urban mobility planning
  • Europe-wide