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News article27 June 20191 min read

New electric-fueled buses coming soon in Romania

Several Romanian cities are currently renovating their public transport fleets, replacing older and dirtier vehicles with brand new eco-friendly ones, generally leaning toward electric-vehicles. These efforts are expected to provide concrete contributions to the improvement of air quality in Romania biggest cities and enhance the quality of life for local residents.     

In Bucharest, contracts were signed for the purchase of 100 electric buses and 80 trams. In total, 11 contracts with a value of €233 million have been signed. Financing is supported by the Regional Operational Program 2014-2020.

On the streets of Iasi, Piatra Neamt, Targu Mures and Tulcea there will also be soon electric buses, after the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Administration launched in May 2019 the tender for the purchase of 70 electric buses 10 meters long, the contracts amounting to €33 million.

In addition, a number of 41 electric buses will run also on the streets of Cluj-Napoca, starting from July 2019. In the future, the municipality intends to invest in hydrogen-fuelled buses, which were presented recently in Bucharest at a local transport-related exhibition.



Publication date
27 June 2019
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