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News article8 December 20213 min read

MobilityWeek needs your help to select the #MobilityAction of 2021!

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK enjoyed enormous success in 2021, with 3,184 towns and cities registering their participation in this year’s MobilityAction 2021 main event between 16 - 22 September! In addition, 645 MobilityActionswhich are ideas, projects and campaigns that promote sustainable urban mobility and behavioural change in favour of active mobility, were registered by schools, NGOs, businesses, cities and other organisations throughout the year. Four of these have been selected as finalists for the title of Best MobilityAction 2021. Now, MobilityAction needs your help to choose the winner!

On 6 December, a social media competition was launched on the EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts. The finalist with the most likes and shares by midnight (Brussels Time) on 20 December will be crowned the winner. The Best MobilityAction of 2021 will be announced the following day, on 21 December 2021.

Learn more about the four impressive finalists below. Then vote by liking and sharing their social media posts.

Candidate 1

Designing the new MobilityHub
WeCity is partnering with the City of Utrecht, the Netherlands, to design a MobilityHub that fits the needs of a modern city and its environmentally conscious residents. A continuing loss of space requires cities to change how they view mobility: WeCity envisions a hub where citizens can rent an electric bicycle, share cars, charge electric vehicles, pick up packages, grab lunch, interact with their peers and so much more! This one-stop-hub could be the future of sustainable transport, which is why WeCity has carefully crafted the hub design from a technical perspective for service providers to experience a new type of MobilityHub.

Candidate 2 

Prototype rearrangement of traffic at Miarki Street in Bytom
Miarki street is a notably busy road located in the centre of Bytom, Poland, where cars regularly exceed the 40kmh speed limit with some even reaching 120 km per hour! As a result  Metropolia GZM has developed and launched a prototype for the rearrangement of traffic on Miarki street to allow street life to flourish. The prototype was designed using in-depth research, interviews with residents and consultations. After a testing period of one and a half months, changes to the street will be implemented and a new and permanent arrangement will come into force.

Candidate 3

Earn points on your eco-friendly travels in Östersund, Sweden
The City of Östersund, Sweden, has teamed up with Kobla AS to create and promote an eco-friendly app, 'Resvis', that awards points based on users’ mobility choices and factors such as weather conditions. The app allows users to earn points and win small prizes. During Östersund’s 2021 MobilityWeek, users competed against each other to reign supreme in an eco-league whilst following a dedicated news channel. Who said active mobility and sustainable transport couldn’t be any fun?

Candidate 4

Bologna 30 - Make Bologna a 30kmh city right now!
Inspired by peers in Paris, Brussels, Geneva, Helsinki and beyond, 30logna, or Bologna30, is a citizen-driven initiative that collects scientific evidence, data, statistics and best practices from across Europe to create awareness on the dangers of inner-city traffic and to support a petition to the new mayor of Bologna, Emilia-Romagna, Italy to make the university city adopt a 30kmh limit. The initiative is hoping for at least 10,000 signatures and has produced engaging material to teach residents about the challenges Bologna faces due to traffic – including 2,600 serious injuries related to traffic per year and noise pollution. The project pictures what the city would look like if this measure was adopted, namely less noise, pollution and a lower injury and mortality rate.

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8 December 2021
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