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News article21 June 20231 min read

MobiliseYourCity: Top takeaways from 2023's data collection

Launched at COP21 in Paris in 2015, the MobiliseYourCity Partnership has established itself as the leading global Partnership of nearly 100 partners for sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMPS* and NUMPS**), policy development, and increasing investment for sustainable transport in developing and emerging economies.

As every year, the MobiliseYourCity Global Monitor is the perfect moment to take stock of their impact. After seven years strengthening the ties of an international Partnership, they are stronger than ever in achieving their purpose: contribute to economically vibrant, safe, and just cities for all urban residents of today and the future.

Following a two-month period of data collection and analysis, MobiliseYourCity can affirm that with EUR 40.7 million in grants from donors, they have been able to support the preparation of 31 SUMPs and 9 NUMPs. Out of the 16 completed SUMPs and 5 completed NUMPs, they have identified EUR 22.3 billion in investment needs. Following their support, their member cities and countries have been able to leverage EUR 1.7 billion for implementation.

This year we can present even more quantitative results of work through graphs and figures throughout the report can be presented. They highlight the many achievements in capacity development and draw lessons from the analysis of over 50 updated factsheets on MobiliseYourCity member cities and countries.

After analysing the data and aggregating results throughout the year and around the world, seven key takeaways have been identified: 

1. SUMPs and NUMPs preparation have helped mobilise nearly EUR 1.7 billion for the preparation of projets contributing to sustainable urban transport  

2. SUMPs and NUMPs elevate walking and cycling in their investment plans 

3. SUMPs and NUMPs are potent instruments to contribute to the decarbonisation of urban mobility 

4. Measures to professionalise paratransit are being included in SUMPs and NUMPs, and these measures are moving to implementation 

5. The relationship between SUMPs and land use planning is increasingly making it into SUMPs 

6. SUMPs participatory processes are encouraging more ambitious long-term visions and objectives 

7. Data confirms general global trends but also has some limitations 




Publication date
21 June 2023
  • Policy and research
  • Europe-wide