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News article5 September 2022Athens1 min read

Local public transport: from September bonus up to 60 euros for annual or monthly passes in Italian cities

The Attica region surrounding the Greek capital Athens has announced the implementation of an innovative tool that will facilitate road users’ travel and help to reduce traffic congestion. The app will work on smartphones and will display real-time traffic data, such as travel times on different road axes, which will enable drivers to choose the best route to avoid traffic. The app will be integrated into the already operating electronic message signs that are regulated by the city's Traffic Management Centre in order to ease travel in the region. 

Such innovative tools have the potential to improve people’s daily life, ensuring safer and more functional movements and limiting the stress related to traffic jams.

The route calculation platform will integrate so-called 'Floating Car Data' (FCD), which monitors and calculates travel times in order to keep road users informed and help them make their route choices, whilst reducing congestion. As the app will collect data from FCD, it will enable road users to identify the most congested routes and the associated journey times. In this way, they will be able to adjust their journey and choose the best route amongst the ones proposed by the app.

Road users will also have access to historical data and will be able to investigate traffic-related problems identified on the app. Historical data can also be exported to 'business intelligence' tools or into a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to help users to analyse, for instance, the correlation between air quality and noise levels of each route. Users can also select new routes, by adding the coordinates of their points of interest or simply selecting these points on the map, and the app will provide real-time data for that route.

The platform has been designed so that it has an easy-to-use graphical interface. In order to ensure flexibility and security, the technology that is running on the brand-new platform will operate using a secure cloud-based system. The platform will collect data from multiple sources and regions and will analyse these in real-time, thus acting as a data aggregator to improve mobility management.

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Publication date
5 September 2022
  • Traffic and demand management
  • Greece