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News article28 February 20241 min read

Ireland plans to shift its main transport modes to cycling and walking

Transport Minister, Eamon Ryan, has announced a plan to make cycling and walking the main forms of transport in Ireland, aiming for safer, accessible cities and towns. Alongside Minister of State, Jack Chambers, Ryan revealed a EUR 290 million investment for 2024 to boost walking and cycling infrastructure. This is part of a larger effort, with over 600km of cycling and pedestrian paths having already been built since 2020.

The initiative that was announced in Clontarf, Dublin, is designed to make streets safer for cyclists and pedestrians, drawing inspiration from cities such as Paris and London. The government's investment has already encouraged local councils to support this shift by redesigning spaces for active travel.

Ryan emphasised the importance of safety in promoting cycling and noted the role of these changes in addressing climate change. The plan also includes engaging schools and communities to reduce car use and encourage active travel.

This new focus on cycling and walking represents a significant move towards sustainable transport and a healthier, environmentally-friendly Ireland.


Article published first at Sunday World on 8 February 2024.



Publication date
28 February 2024
  • Walking and cycling
  • Ireland