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News article1 March 20211 min read

Ireland invests in top-class walking and cycling facilities

The National Transport Authority of the Republic of Ireland (NTA) announced in February that it will be allocating a budget of €240 million to invest in sustainable mobility projects across the country. This move marks a substantial increase in the budget, with an increase of about €130 million compared to last year’s funding, which will allow for 233 additional projects to be funded in 2021.

The portfolio of funded projects addresses a wide array of issues, including initiatives on the reallocation of road space, making room for segregated cycling lanes and widened footpaths, as well as changing road widths, amongst other interventions. The implementation of the projects will be supervised by the NTA to ensure that the foreseen transport facilities will be accessible and convenient for people of all ages and abilities.

Ireland’s Minister for Transport Eamon Ryan said: “Today’s allocation increase marks a huge step forward in providing green sustainable mobility options to our cities, suburbs and hinterlands. During COVID we’ve reconnected with our local areas and can all see why and where improvements to walking and cycling infrastructure are needed. The projects that the NTA are funding will make a real difference to commuters and leisure seekers alike. Improving infrastructure for cycling and walking will make our cities, towns and villages more accessible and attractive for everyone.”

The additional funding was well-received by local representatives, Lord Mayor of Cork, Cllr. Joe Kavanagh said: "This significant [EUR 29.6 million] investment in the city’s infrastructure will help make cycling, walking and public transport more accessible by upgrading and developing new infrastructure in the city centre, suburbs and towns”.

The funding will support an estimated 468 projects for top-class walking and cycling facilities across the country.

Article first published at The Mayor on 12 February 2021



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1 March 2021
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