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News article17 August 20221 min read

How will the European Commission's proposed Battery Regulation affect you?

The European Commission's proposed Battery Regulation is expected to launch next year and make a huge impact on industry, research, and governments. It focuses on 3 interlinked objectives:

  1. strengthening the functioning of the internal market by ensuring a level playing field through a common set of rules;
  2. promoting a circular economy;
  3. reducing environmental and social impacts throughout all stages of the battery lifecycle.

Although the final shape of the regulation is still under negotiation, its core measures are not expected to undergo major alterations. Considering the ambitiousness of these measures, it's important to anticipate their influence on the EU market to support businesses, research, and national decision-makers in preparing for the upcoming changes.

The COBRA project's new market intelligence report discusses the potential impacts of the proposed New Battery Regulation on industry dynamics, research priorities, and governmental actions, focusing on the measures related specifically to EV batteries.

The report was written by the Bax & Company COBRA team with support from Emily Burlinghaus of the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS).

Click here to learn about the new regulation and how it will affect you.



Publication date
17 August 2022
  • Policy and research
  • Europe-wide