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News article23 January 20191 min read

Gdansk release English version of recently released SUMP

The Sustainable Urban Mobility Plan (SUMP) for Gdansk, Poland, that was completed in summer 2018, has been translated into English.

Gdansk is one of the largest Polish transport nodes of international significance. The city’s SUMP was created as part of the CityMobilNet project, co-funded by the URBACT III program, and implemented in 2016-2018.

According to Karolina Orcholska, project manager from Gdansk Roads and Greenery Authority, and Gdansk SUMP team leader, “This SUMP establishes a strategic framework for the development of transport in Gdansk, to accompany the current Gdansk Transport and Mobility strategy. The process of its creation, which has spanned 1.5 years, involved discussions and analysis with many different stakeholders: officials, politicians, citizens, journalists and city planners. As a final stage, it was adopted by the city council.”

The document examines:

  • Mobility trends (including emerging hi-tech and shared-economy solutions)
  • Transport networks
  • Traffic and vehicle parking problems
  • Social issues
  • New Development areas

She stated, “It pays special attention to active mobility and public transport as the most important foundations of sustainable transport. It also contains the ‘Activities Plan’, which includes certain projects and actions to take firm steps towards enhancing the city’s mobility and improving the quality of life there.”

The mobility plan looks into improving the safety and security on roads and public transport, modernising trams and bus services, as well as traffic management to reduce congestion in the city centre. The trend of people moving to the suburbs increases the mobility demand in the city.



Publication date
23 January 2019
  • Urban mobility planning
  • Poland