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News article27 March 20241 min read

European Commission seeks input on greening corporate fleets to accelerate zero-emission vehicle adoption

The European Commission is seeking input for its initiative aimed at greening corporate fleets, emphasising the potential for accelerating the adoption of zero-emission vehicles.

With road transport contributing significantly to CO2 emissions, the Commission aims to align with the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy (SSMS), which mandates ambitious targets for zero-emission vehicle sales by 2035. The initiative targets a broad range of stakeholders, including cities and regions, to assess market challenges, outline action areas, and gather best practices to facilitate the transition to zero-emissions, encompassing both light and heavy-duty vehicles.

This open public consultation addresses various corporate fleets, including cars, vans, lorries, and coaches, aiming to gather insights into market structures and potential impacts on stakeholders and society. While buses are excluded due to existing mandates under the Clean Vehicles Directive, their role in facilitating zero-emission fleet adoption by private companies is acknowledged. Stakeholders are encouraged to contribute and provide their feedback on the proposal's implications, especially concerning existing and forthcoming legislative initiatives such as CO2 standards for vehicles.

The consultation period, running from 6 February to 30th April 2024, invites stakeholders to share their views either through the open public consultation platform or by contacting designated representatives. The analysis of the consultation will evaluate the initiative's alignment with existing and upcoming legislative frameworks, providing avenues for stakeholders to engage and contribute to the shaping of greener corporate fleets.

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Publication date
27 March 2024
  • Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
  • Public and stakeholder involvement
  • Europe-wide