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News article3 February 20201 min read

Finland increases funding for EV charging points

Finland has announced that it will support the installation of over 5,000 EV charging points at apartment blocks and detached home complexes, in a bid to contribute to achieving its goal of carbon neutrality by 2035.

In total, the government has allocated € 5.5 million to install electric vehicle charging points in 2020. Over the past two years, the introduction of 3,000 charging points has already been financed by the government agency in charge of the development of the EV charging infrastructure network. In 2020, funding for EV infrastructure will increase by € 4 million from the € 1.5 million that was allocated in 2019.

Housing companies and parking firms are able to apply for funding from this allocation in order to add charging points to their facilities. The subsidy covers around 35% of the cost of installing EV chargers. However, the subsidy could be higher if half of the units are at least 11 kilowatt chargers. In such cases, the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland will cover up to 50% of the installation costs.

The demand for EV charging points in Finland has grown steadily over the past two years. The demand is expected to increase further, as in 2019 the Finnish government pledged to make the country carbon-neutral by 2035. In order to deliver this, it announced a policy programme that includes a significant increase in public spending on welfare and infrastructure. The programme includes, among other things, a stronger commitment to the electrification of road transport.



Publication date
3 February 2020
  • Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
  • Finland