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News article10 August 20201 min read

EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK (16-22 September): Lessons Learnt from Lockdown & interview with 8th SUMP Award Winners

EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK has just published a factsheet with 10 lessons learnt during lockdown in relation to better mobility. The lessons vary from simple messages like remembering that public space is precious, and cities should be built for people, not cars; to encouraging working from home to reduce pollution and congestion.

The campaign has also released new graphic material in their Communication Toolkit. Towns and Cities are encouraged to use this resource, ensuring promotional items carry the official EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK design. The kit includes logos, graphics, templates and guidelines for using the material.

Over 1200 towns and cities have already registered their participation in next month's EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK (and counting...). Check what’s happening in your area:

Bruno Van Loveren, Strategy and Programming Director, Mobility Planning Authority, Brussels Capital Region spoke to EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK about winning the 8th award for sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP award). When asked what winning the SUMP award means for the city, Bruno Van Loveren said: ‘We are obviously very proud to have received this award, especially since we also won it three years ago for our logistics schemes. For those of us who work in the planning department, it's a great reward and confirmation that our approach is relevant and recognised as such.’

When asked about the process of designing the SUMP he replied: ‘The system put in place is, in fact, unprecedented, at least for Brussels, in terms of its scope, its duration and the diversity of the public that we wanted to involve in the approach. It is this process itself that has led us to put aside an overly technical approach to mobility and to refocus on users, their needs, and above all their living environment.’

Read the full interview here.

Original article first published 28 July 2020 by EuropeanMobilityWeekk.



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10 August 2020
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