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News article18 November 20201 min read

European funding support new cycling infrastructure in Slovene Izola

Located at the Adriatic Sea, Izola (11,000 inhabitants) is an attractive place to live and visit. Thanks to a recent project by the Municipality and IZP Izola, the opportunity to cycle in Izola will increase significantly. An investment of around € 1.9 M which includes a 40% funding share by EU Cohesion Funds, sees major new cycling infrastructure connections becoming a reality.

Izola hopes for a push of sustainable mobility options thanks to the increase in cycling infrastructure quantity and quality, including public lighting in the project to comply with the latter aim.

The main parts of the project connect over the former coastal road to the neighbouring Municipality of Koper, adding cycle routes connecting to other main roads and establishing a cycling tunnel. All works are planned to be completed by May 2021.

Article first published by on 30 October 2020.



Publication date
18 November 2020
  • Walking and cycling
  • Slovenia