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News article11 January 20191 min read

The EU Sustainable Energy Week 2019 to focus on shaping Europe's energy future

Since 2006, the EU Sustainable Energy Week (EUSEW) has been recognising innovations and supporting the movement towards a low-carbon future, and this year it is returning with the theme: 'Shaping Europe's energy future'.

Dedicated to renewables and energy efficiency, the event gathers policy-makers, experts and local stakeholders to debate upcoming policy developments, future innovations and energy best practices. 

One of the main events is the EUSEW Policy Conference, which encourages international organisations, networks of national/local authorities, industry associations, NGOs and consumer associations to apply for speaking sessions on initiatives shaping Europe's energy future.

The conference sessions range in theme, yet a focus on cities and sustainable urban mobility runs throughout. Last year's sessions included discussions of renewable energy in transport and the necessary steps to encourage e-mobility uptake across the EU. 

In addition to the Conference, EUSEW will also include the EUSEW Awards, which recognise outstanding innovations in sustainable transport and renewables. EUSEW aims to bring together leading experts and policy officials to drive the adoption of renewables and encourage an energy efficient future. To foster cooperation between key stakeholders, EUSEW also facilitates a Networking Village, for experts across the EU to meet and discuss successful initiatives and upcoming technologies. 

In addition, EUSEW also runs events at the local level, allowing local stakeholders and private organisations to apply to run 'Energy Days' throughout May and June. These will allow organisations to show citizens and other local businesses why sustainable energy is key to the future of cities, providing a space to discuss the issues in the transition to secure, clean, efficient energy.

For more information on the past success of EUSEW, its hopes for this year and how to get involved, visit the event website.



Publication date
11 January 2019
  • Clean and energy-efficient vehicles
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