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EU Urban Mobility Observatory
News article5 March 20191 min read

Eltis is 20

Eltis recently celebrated 20-years as the repository of information, knowledge exchange and sharing of practical experiences in the field of sustainable urban mobility in Europe!


At a European Commission conference 20 years ago, the Transport Commissioner, Mr Neil Kinnock, first unveiled ELTIS as one of the new initiatives in European transport policy. In an accompanying press release, Eltis (which stands for the European Local Transport Information Service) was described as: “a database of information about local and regional passenger transport of all types. Its contents will include service design; accessibility; planning and land use; and pricing. The service is now available and will be fully operational in November 1998. The database is being drawn from EU sponsored research and development projects, from newly collected examples of good practice and from project descriptions submitted by users of the service.”

20 years on, Eltis continues to fulfil this initial purpose and has become Europe's main observatory on urban mobility, expanding to accommodate new topics of interest, developments in technology and techniques as well as incorporating new Member States. Since then Eltis has;

  • Welcomed 7 130 Friends of Eltis comprised of sustainable urban mobility practitioners and stakeholders who are all able to add their own content, comments and information to the portal;
  • Published over 5 500 news items about a wide range of topics – from Traffic and demand management to Walking and cycling;
  • Produced 1 996 case studies to share sustainable urban mobility information, measures and techniques about cities and projects from across Europe;
  • Collated information about 625 cities in the city database;
  • Published 172 videos to illustrate sustainable urban mobility, and;
  • Organised five European Conferences on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in collaboration with a range of host cities. 

Visit the site Archive to discover the most topical news and information through the years and remember that information is constantly being updated to keep track of changing real-world developments – join us at the 6th European Conference on Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans in June to find out how Eltis continues to support urban mobility practitioners.  


Publication date
5 March 2019
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