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News article17 June 20241 min read

Commission distributes 35,511 travel passes to young people as part of the DiscoverEU scheme

35,511 young people will receive travel passes from the Commission to travel Europe for free, already starting this summer. This is the result of the latest round of the DiscoverEU scheme, part of the Erasmus+ programme, which the Commission announced on 3 June 2024. 

DiscoverEU, as part of the Erasmus+ programme, offers 18-year-old residents of EU Member States and countries associated to Erasmus+ the opportunity to travel throughout Europe and explore its diversity. Pass holders can learn about cultural heritage and history and connect with people from all over the continent.  

Iliana Ivanova, Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth, said: “In terms of numbers, this application round is the most successful since DiscoverEU joined the Erasmus+ programme in 2021. I am happy that so many young people will get an opportunity to discover Europe and explore its culture and history. The ever-growing enthusiasm of young people, highlighted during the European Year of Youth 2022 and the European Youth Week 2024, is truly inspiring.” 

Young people benefitting from the ticket will be able to travel alone or in a group of up to five people between 1 July 2024 and 30 September 2025. Over 180,000 young people had applied for the latest round in April 2024. That brings the number of applications to 1.4 million since the scheme was launched in 2018. 

The DiscoverEU applications open twice per year, in spring and autumn. Selected applicants are offered a travel pass and travel predominantly by rail. Travellers also receive a European Youth Card, offering discounts on cultural visits, learning activities, sports, local transportation, accommodation and food.  

More opportunities to strengthen the learning dimension of DiscoverEU, such as pre-departure information trainings and meet-ups, are available to the participants. 

More information is available on the DiscoverEU website and the April 2024 factsheet



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17 June 2024
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