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EU Urban Mobility Observatory
News article10 October 20222 min read

Apply for both the EUROPEAN MOBILITY WEEK and the new MOBILITY ACTION Awards


The EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Award celebrates local authorities who have excelled in raising awareness about sustainable urban mobility during the main event week, from 16-22 September. The award is directly related to local authorities’ active participation in the campaign, which includes:

  1. organising activities focused on sustainable mobility from 16-22 September;
  2. implementing one or more permanent transport measures;
  3. holding a ‘Car-Free Day’.

In order to apply for this award, local authorities must have completed the three criteria mentioned above. 

In the past, two EUROPEANMOBILITYWEEK Awards were given: one to municipalities under 100,000 inhabitants and one to municipalities over 100,000 inhabitants. Take a look at the past winners and their accomplishments, here.

Please consult this 'Call for Applications' to find all the relevant information related to this award and application process. To apply click here.



Have you created a well-structured initiative to improve sustainable urban mobility practice for people and goods? Perhaps you have started offering incentives to reinforce behavioural change and reduce emissions? Do you have an innovative mobility solution that could be replicated for the greater good?

While this is not a comprehensive list by any means, these are some broad examples of mobility management that are looking to be rewarded with the new MOBILITYACTION Award!

In 2022, the European Commission is excited to introduce the MOBILITYACTION Award, which rewards participants that demonstrate excellence in mobility management. 

What exactly is mobility management?

“A concept to promote sustainable transport and manage the demand for car use by changing travellers' attitudes and behaviour, in particular at the level of companies, organisations and institutions." (EU Urban Mobility Framework)

This category includes mobility plans, as well as measures and strategies which have a notable impact on sustainable mobility, such as: encouraging active transport, supporting the use of shared/public transport, enabling a shift towards more sustainable transport options, improving environmental factors/reducing emissions, creating educational campaigns, encouraging positive behavioural change, increasing safety, improving accessibility and user convenience, reclaiming green/public space and improving liveability for residents. Innovative and transferable solutions hold the greatest potential for the award, so these initiatives can be widely shared and implemented.

To find all the relevant information related to this award and application process, visit the 'Call for Applications' page. To apply, click here.



Publication date
10 October 2022
  • Public and stakeholder involvement
  • Europe-wide