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EU Urban Mobility Observatory
News article14 May 20241 min read

Adoption of recommendations on Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs)

The European Commission Expert Group on Urban Mobility (EGUM) adopted the recommendations on Urban Vehicle Access Regulations (UVARs) during its plenary meeting on 14 March 2024, as published by the EGUM’s subgroup on UVARs. 

UVARs aim to regulate motor vehicle access to urban areas, utilising techniques such as regulations, physical interventions and pricing measures. UVARs are designed to help improve environmental sustainability and quality of life, and address urban mobility challenges for local residents and visitors. UVARs are a key pillar in broader urban mobility strategies which help to encourage zero tailpipe emission urban transport and achieve the EU target of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030.

The recommendations, published by the UVAR subgroup of the EGUM, lay out best practices and possible actions by stakeholders at the local, national and European levels on implementing UVARs. Key recommendations to establish and operate more seamless UVARs include: 

  • improving communication strategies and digital tools to increase road user awareness and compliance; 
  • providing more cohesion on the relation between SUMPs and UVARs, and guidance on cross-border enforcement
  • ensuring continued dialogue with urban mobility forums and other non-resident stakeholders. 

The EGUM is tasked with establishing a reinforced platform for dialogue and co-creation of actions to implement the new EU Urban Mobility Framework. This includes delivering recommendations for other additional topics relevant to urban mobility including: public transport and shared mobility; sustainable urban mobility planning (SUMP) monitoring and implementation; urban logistics; active mobility and safety of vulnerable road users; and the future of urban mobility and inclusive and sustainable urban space.

The EGUM’s published report containing full findings and recommendations on UVARs can be found here.



Publication date
14 May 2024
  • Urban Vehicle Access Regulations
  • Europe-wide