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News article27 March 20231 min read

23 school buses sent to Ukraine as part of the EU Solidarity Campaign

Education is a cornerstone of our future. Safe access to school is paramount, as it gives children a sense of normalcy and is essential for their welfare and future. It is estimated that 5.7 million school-aged children in Ukraine have been impacted by Russia’s unjustified aggression, and thousands of schools and facilities have been damaged.

Earlier in March, Transdev provided 23 buses for schools in Ukraine as part of the EU Solidarity Campaign by the European Commission. The buses donated by Transdev were transported to Ukraine to ensure reliable and safe transportation for school children.

The buses departed from Poincy (77) to the provinces of Ukraine, in an operation coordinated by the Crisis and Support Center of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs with the support of the European Union.

After helping to repatriate refugees throughout Europe last year at the beginning of the conflict, Transdev is now contributing to the effort to replace public services destroyed by the war.

The Commission is calling on public and private entities in the EU and beyond to join forces and show solidarity, by donating buses that are essential to bring Ukrainian children safely back to their schools in the coming months.

Potential donors can do that through the EU Civil Protection Mechanism (UCPM), which has already been critical in channelling vital support to Ukraine and its people, including -shelter, food, hospital equipment, ambulances, fire trucks, and much more.

Overall, under the EU Solidarity Campaign almost 270 buses have been sent from the EU and its Member States. This includes around 120 buses being purchased by the EU and the rest donated by regions, cities, national or transport authorities in 8 Member States.

To learn more about the EU Solidarity Campaign or to how to donate buses, please visit this link.



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27 March 2023
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